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Rahanni Celestial Healing - Live Talk 28/06/2020

White Feathers Woman (Melanie O'Halloran-Gomes)

All are welcome to join this webinar on working with Rahanni Celestial Healing with White Feathers Woman (Melanie O'Halloran-Gomes). Rahanni means “Of One Heart”, it is a healing modality for the Heart from the Heart. It is an energy channelled by Carol Stacey in 2002 from the Higher Beings of Light and is a strong but gentle Angelic Energy that vibrates on the pink ray of Love helping us to open up to Truth, Love and Compassion. During this online webinar, White Feathers Woman will talk about Rahanni Celestial Healing, how it works and take you through meditations to connect with the energy so you can feel if it is for you. For more information on Rahanni Click Here

White Feathers Woman (Melanie O'Halloran-Gomes)

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