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About Pathway teaching

Pathway teaching is about healing the heart and soul and empowering you to heal yourself and become the best you can be. We primarily do this through the training with the International School of Shamanic Studies at Pathway teaching as well as with other healing modalities.

Paul O’Halloran with his wife Melanie O’Halloran-Gomes and their dear friend Sarah Cohen run Pathway teaching – Healing for the Heart and Soul. Please see the website for more details.


About Grey Elk (Paul O’Halloran)

Paul grew up on a farm in Connemara, in the West of Ireland, were cutting turf, saving hay and milking cows were the order of the day. This gave Paul a connection to animals, the land and the community at a very early age.

Paul then went on to join the Irish army and spent 9 years serving in the forces, including being sent overseas with the United Nations peacekeeping force. During this time, while serving in Lebanon, Paul had a near death experience and came home with a different outlook on life. This was probably the start of Paul’s spiritual path.

Some of the traumas experienced while overseas in the army were healed through the process of Reiki initiations and this led Paul on to develop his work more deeply with Spirit. Paul’s introduction to shamanism was like coming home.

Paul trained in shamanism with various teachers over the years including Zanemvula (Peter Von Maltitz) in South Africa who bestowed the name Igqirha on him. Igqirha means shamanic “healer” in Xhosa and this name comes originally from the San people. It is a person full of life energy. Paul went through the full initiations in the Xhosa lineage and is equivalent to a “shaman” i.e. fully initiated by the Spirits (Great Spirit/Source). His name “Grey Elk” was given to him at the Sacred Tree of Life at the Cree Sundance Ceremony. Grey Elk is also a Universal Pipe carrier.

Paul has many years of experience of healing land and houses and people and has worked on healing around 5,000 properties in Ireland (largely spread by word of mouth over a period of about 25 years). This work has had shamanism at the very core of it and as such Paul now teaches shamanic studies at the International School of Shamanic Studies with Pathway teaching ( His work focuses on shamanic training through the courses and workshops and healing (both land and people).

Paul has been on local radio stations in Ireland, Television (RTE 1) and ran his own radio show for one year on News for the Soul.


About White Feathers Woman (Melanie O’Halloran-Gomes)

Melanie trained as a marine conservation biologist and worked for 20 years in different fields such as Governmental Organisations, Charities, NGOs as well as having a number of underwater dive survey and tour guide contracts. Melanie remains very passionate about the sea and has been led to believe that health and consciousness are deeply related and nature is one of our greatest teachers.

Melanie was led to the spiritual work through her health and life’s experiences and together with her husband Paul (Grey Elk) they run Pathway teaching ( and the International School of Shamanic Studies.

Melanie trained in Shamanism to Advanced Level and to Twasa in the Xhosa lineage to become a shamanic practitioner. Melanie was blessed to receive her name “White Feathers Woman” from her teacher Grandmother Trinity Vision Seeker from the First Nation Cree people. Like Paul, Melanie is also a Universal Pipe carrier.

Melanie initially trained in Reiki, Seichim and All Love and then went on to do Rahanni Celestial Healing and Angelic Harmony Therapy with Georgie Dey). Melanie also works with Remedies and trained with Miranda Gray to become a Moon Mother® and uses this work to help to heal women and the Divine Feminine in both men and women.

Melanie’s work is very much guided by Divine Spirit or Source and her aim is to allow Divine Spirit in to cocreate the healing needed for the good of the person’s Higher Self present on any particular day. 


Pathway teaching

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Grey Elk & White Feathers Woman

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