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Sunday, June 28th, 2020, 4:00 pm

Do you know what Greenwashing/Weedwashing is? Well, let us help you, the consumer, to save your hard earned money. The market is flooded with every product shouting out how Eco-friendly or Organic they are and with each and every one of us trying our very very best to help save this planet we live on, because this is the ONLY one we have, and generations to come will have; it is frightening how many companies are defrauding the consumer!! False information, misleading statements and even fraudulent logos!

But what should we the consumers be looking out for? We aim to share as much information about Greenwashing/Weedwashing as we can with you in this talk & presentation. Impossible to cover it all, but at least we will be able to share the tip of the iceberg with you. Empowering You!

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