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Goin' Green is a department of Healthy Hemp. We strive to do our part in 'Standing for our Planet', and many of our own changes have happened due to the products available in the Goin' Green shop. But going 100% Eco-Friendly can be quite overwhelming, and for some just impossible! That is why we opened Goin' Green to help start you, through small steps, to Goin' Green. Small steps make a big impact on our beautiful planet. The world doesn't need one person going 100% Eco-friendly, it needs MILLIONS of people making a starting change to becoming MORE Eco-friendly!! Join the millions, with a small step to Eco-friendly, and make a HUGE impact on Saving Our World. We have only 1 planet. There is no Planet B!

All the products available from Goin' Green store are carefully chosen to ensure that they are true to the ethos we strive by. No Greenwashing, only certified ecologically friendly products and sources, such as GOTS certified, Vegan friendly, Plastic Free, Palm Oil Free, Compostable, Biodegradable, Organic, Sustainable etc.

So if you are looking to change your household or personal habits to Goin' Green, then visit our product album (online store coming soon), and view our growing selection of Goin' Green products from toothbrushes to household cleaners.

How to purchase a product from us:

1) Select your products and email/message/phone us your selection of product/s, quantity, P&P or Collection.
2) We will email you an invoice with a secured card payment link (Paypal)
3) Once payment is received, your order will be dispatched or made ready for collection
4) Receive your product and start your exciting journey to Goin' Green

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