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Svenja Vogt

Svenja Vogt


Before starting her yoga journey, Svenja was convinced that high impact sports and running are the only things she could do to find some balance in a busy life. After a friend convinced her to try yoga, she was immediately hooked, not only for its physical but also for its mental benefits.

The more she developed her own practice, the more she realised how yoga also helps to gain a deeper awareness of your physical and emotional body and how this also leads to being more present and grounded off the matt.

The qualities of presence and connection to your own body are something she also brings into the classes she teaches.

Svenja is a co-founder of The Yoga Collective Dublin, which has the goal to make yoga and mindfulness practice accessible to everyone and foster a community to share inspiration and tools for the hard and the soft in life.

You can find out more about Svenja and The Yoga Collective Dublin here: Facebook Yoga Collective Dublin

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