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Sound Essence

Sound Essences

From Roisin Graham


Sound Essence vibrational remedies are created by orchestrating a blend of nature’s vibrations; sound, colour, crystals, gems, sacred geometry, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, herbs and flowers. Blended specifically for each of the three dimensions, each composition of vibration interacts with the physical and energetic body to produce full spectrum vibrational healing for the whole person. Aware or unaware, visible or invisible, these vibrational remedies impact us powerfully. It is through using the full spectrum of vibration found in nature that the true essence of our being is found.

Ideal for Sound Healers and for any therapists to use in a therapy room, both for themselves and their client. They are also excellent to give to clients to assist in healing after the session.

Spotlight - Root Chakra Mist - Note C

A balanced Root Chakra is essential for grounding and focus. It anchors you in the flow of life and is the foundation for everything you do in your life. A strong Root Chakra gives you a positive approach and outlook on life and helps you to stay connected to the “we are one” attitude that we all need to employ to keep this universe healthy.

Note C physically supports the spinal column, bones, teeth, nails, and blood cells.


Spotlight - Sacral Chakra - Note D

The characteristics of a strong Sacral Chakra are the connected-ness to self, other humans, animals, nature and the spiritual world. It connects you to your pure creative energies that truly nourish your being. The essence of the Sacral Chakra allows the soul to embrace the body.

Someone with a balanced Sacral Chakra is extremely comfortable in the physical body, is comfortable with sexuality and with the expression of sensual emotions. They would be nurturing, focused, capable, spiritually aware and emotionally responsive with a healthy appetite for life.

Note D physically supports the pelvic area, reproductive organs, kidneys, and bladder.


Spotlight - Solar Plexus - Note E

Characteristics of a strong Solar Plexus Chakra are a healthy sense of personal identity and a strong sense of personal power. The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about “me”. It is about your self- esteem, your ego, personal power, will, responsibility and gut intuition. You know who you are, own your personal power and take responsibility for your own life.

Someone with a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra would have true peace and inner harmony with all of life because they have taken full responsibility of their own life and have allowed others to take responsibility of their own lives; a live and let live attitude. They typically have a warm personality and are responsible, reliable, and have the ability to meet any challenges.

Note E physically supports the small intestine, liver, digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system, muscles and the lower back.


Spotlight - Heart Chakra - Note F

The characteristics of a balanced Heart Chakra is acting out of love and compassion and recognizing that the most powerful energy you have is love. The Heart Chakra is all about unity, peace, and unconditional love; hope, forgiveness, compassion and generosity. As your Heart Chakra opens so does the ability to connect with your higher self. You radiate love and forgiveness.

Someone with a balanced Heart Chakra radiates warmth, sincerity and happiness and they have a strong connection to all of life. They love effortlessly and have compassion with a sincere willingness to help. They put their heart into all that they do and you can feel their love unconditionally as they recognize the gifts in everyone.


Spotlight - Throat Chakra - Note G

The characteristic of a balanced Throat Chakra is the ability to communicate openly with personal expression. The Throat Chakra is the expression of the spoken word for all of the chakras and their related senses. Through the Throat Chakra we express everything that is alive within us such as our laughing, crying, our feelings of love and happiness, anxiety and aggressiveness, our intention and desires as well as our ideas, knowledge and perception of the inner worlds.

Someone with a balanced Throat Chakra would be reliable and trustworthy. Once they made a commitment they would speak their truth, keep their word and follow through with their promises. Someone with a strong Throat Chakra has independence, freedom, self-determination and will trust their inner guidance.


Spotlight - Brow Chakra - Note A

The characteristics of a balanced Brow Chakra are the use of mental power, connecting with the process of manifestation. The Brow Chakra enables you to connect with the energy of the world beyond your five senses. Experiencing intuition teaches you to go beyond the superficial appearances to find your deeper truths cultivating your resources of creativity and wisdom. Nothing is as it seems. Through the Brow Chakra we are able to open ourselves to universal creative energy, which allows us to direct ourselves towards fulfilling our life’s purpose.

Someone with a strong Brow Chakra is open to new information about their life’s purpose and trusts their intuitive abilities. These people have developed a deep level of understanding, intuition, imagination, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. Their ego and soul spirit are balanced. They are able to create their life and manifest their dreams in alignment with their highest good.


Spotlight - Crown Chakra - Note B

Characteristics of a balanced Crown Chakra, is being connected wholly with the universe, self and God. Life is flowing freely and there is a deep sense of peace.

Through the Crown Chakra, you get your divine inspiration and your divine creativity. This is the chakra where everything comes together and you get the big picture. This is where all the information from all the charkas merges.

When this chakra is balanced, there is a sense of peace, serenity, knowing and a connection with the universe. Someone with a strong Crown Chakra is dedicated to their life path. These people have a soul connection with God and are able to access knowledge from this higher intelligence.


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