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Sandra Smith


Sandra is an Energy Practitioner, Trainer, Facilitator and Coach. She seeks to share her own experiences, knowledge and skills through her practice by helping people to become aware, accept, overcome and release limiting beliefs, stresses, fears, energy blocks, physical and emotional pain, anxiety, imbalance and sense of isolation. She works with people on a one to one basis as well as group sessions, training, workshops, talks and wellness events.

Sandra is passionate about the development of women's circles, groups and networks to provide support, healing and encouragement. Through her own personal healing experiences and self-development Sandra particularly connects with women who need to nurture themselves and embrace their inner goddess and feminine divinity.

Sandra is a keen advocate of self-healing and seeks to encourage and empower others to discover, remember and trust in their intuition, inner wisdom and knowledge in order to embrace their own unique journey through life.

Sandra also works as a Holistic Business Consultant to help others embrace and expand themselves and their business. She seeks to assist fellow practitioners, trainers and coaches to take some time and give themselves the same help, compassion and support that they show to their clients.

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Sandra Smith

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