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Maia Mellier


Author & Artist, Maia Mellier brings you her Dreaming Pool Oracle Cards.

If you are stuck or desire an answer look for guidance in the cards to spark your intuition into finding what you need. The cards & guidebook are a symbolic language system designed to explore your inner world. They can be used to examine relationships, find direction or to unlock the insight needed to move forward in your creative ventures or any venture. Come & dream awhile with the drawings & stories from the Dreaming Pool. This is a place where the swirling gentle eddies move you down deeper into the relaxing ebb & flow of your own breath. The water is clear & calm. Use the cards & guidebook as a mirror to glean insights within you that will help navigate your Journey - The Sacred Journey of unfolding a life in which we are held, nourished & unendingly expressing who we are at our core out into the world. Find out what they have to say & allow their wisdom to connect with yours deep down in the Dreaming Pool where the magical journey begins to unfold...

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