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Gráinne Clancy

Gráinne Clancy


Gráinne is a counsellor/psychotherapist working with adults in private practice. Many people describe her as an active and enthusiastically hardworking networker always promoting the value of attending counselling and psychotherapy.

Gráinne has always been a people person, and caring has always been part of who she is. Working for many years within healthcare, she worked as a care assistant in a variety of settings as well as a perpetual student before gaining the necessary qualifications to train and become a staff nurse. The cost of caring for others and her anxiety and sensitivities resulted in burnout.

Gráinne will openly tell you that meeting her now-husband changed her life. Training as a therapist also had a profound impact reducing her everyday anxiety, giving her newfound security on being her true self and a new lease of life, after working in nursing and social care for twenty-six years. She now works in LifeChange, a busy City Centre Therapy Centre as well as giving talks and facilitating wellness workshops. Gráinne believes that we all have the answers within ourselves. Her role as a counsellor and psychotherapist is to actively listen to clients, gently accepting them for who they are.

Gráinne passion in life is to educate others about burnout and the importance of having boundaries regarding work/life balance.

From her many years of experience, Grainne integrates theory and practical, common-sense approach to get you thinking about your life and how you can switch off from work.

Gráinne regularly runs workshops "Do You Take Time For You?" Further details are available here:

Burnout. Switching Off

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