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EMF-X Solutions

EMF-X Solutions


Happy, healthy people, thriving on a happy, healthy planet - that’s our mission.

Our aim is to facilitate living in a better world - where potentially toxic frequencies don’t lurk in our social media exchanges. Where we don't have to be afraid for our bees, our trees, or our children being harmed by electromagnetic radiation. Where we are happy in answering our cellular phones, and where our communications are harmonized - bringing greater harmony to our entire circle of influence - friends, family; whomever we call, or receive a call from. A world where the food we eat, and the water we drink is filled with love. Where good wine becomes great wine.

So, we invented a few things...

TELE PHI has been designed to harmonize your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc. It transmutes harmful cellular, microwave, and Bluetooth radiation to eliminate the dangers, and harmonize all of your communications. It has a protective field of 2 metres; transmuting ambient radiation around the user.

ELECTRA PHI harmonizes "Smart" meters. The utility company can still spy on you, but all of the electricity passing through them is harmonized when ELECTRA PHI is deployed. This, in turn, harmonizes all electrical systems within the home; lights, televisions, wi-fi routers, refrigerator, stove, etc. This brings peace into your home, creating a field of up to 25 metres around the your humble abode.

AQUA PHI has been designed to structure and harmonize your water, and anything with water in it for that matter. It also improves the shelf life (and flavour) of perishables and other foods, including improving the taste and texture of your wine. Reported to relieve minor discomfort from bumps and bruises, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, etc. Dogs and cats prefer water exposed to AQUA PHI, and you will too. It tastes better and feels softer in the mouth.

Through our products and activities, we strive to bring greater harmony and spirituality to our planet. You can participate by harmonizing your part of the world through your mobile phone, your home, your food and your body.

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