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Deirdre Haren


Deirdre has been practising yoga for the past 6 years. Originally drawn to yoga as a form of recovery from sport (swimming and running), what she instead discovered was the entirely new lifestyle, paradigm, and higher vibrational way of living that yoga and daily mindfulness practice offers.

She completed her 200 hr Hatha/Vinyasa training last year at YogaHub Dublin and went on to train additionally in yin yoga with 5 Elements Yoga School (30hrs) and Josh Summers Yin Yoga School [50 hrs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Yin Yoga].

Her classes are most often slower and opening flows or completely yin, followed by guided meditation visuals. She has a great interest in how TCM can be built into a yoga practice to offer a deeper experience on a physical and emotional level. She is also passionate about how building community surrounding yoga and mindfulness practices can hold the power to heal, particularly for those struggling with the common cycles of anxiety, depression, addiction, and eating disorders.

You can find out more about Deirdre and The Yoga Collective Dublin here: Facebook Yoga Collective Dublin

The Art and Science of Slowing Down 

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