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David Connell


David has a successful professional career in the field of project management and electrical engineering. Currently working alongside a global team he is based in Dublin as a critical projects implementation manager, leading a team of projects managers who oversee the expanding operations of the business. Understanding the high demands in the workplace, he is aware of the importance of taking care of his own personal energy so he can maintain peak performance.

Coming from an electrical background David was naturally sceptical about 'Energy Healing' but could no longer ignore the changes in his wife's life, stirring his curiosity to learn more about the natural laws of 'Energy' and how anyone can harness them for health and wellbeing. During this time David suffered from depression which directly affected his physical and mental health, relationships and career. Since attending his first Pranic Healing seminar nearly 8 years ago, he was amazed at how it is practical and scientific in its approach and continued to study and implement the teachings into his daily life, leading to a transformation beyond recognition.

A charismatic teacher and healer with a wealth of knowledge in the area of personal development through pranic healing. David hosts regular Level 1 Courses, seminars and meditation groups in Dublin, Kildare, Westmeath & Northern Ireland. He also runs a successful Pranic Healing Clinic in Dublin where he offers consultations and one to one treatments.

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