Brigit's Flame of Illumination

Dermot O'Hara

Brigit's Celtic Grove of Illumination is dedicated to elevating Goddess awareness in Ireland. The Grove has over the past 25 years celebrated Full Moon gatherings, Sweat Lodge rebirth Ceremonies, Naming, Hand-fasting Ceremonies and Sacred site Journeying within to honour Brigit in all her glory as our Goddess. Our Grove is open to both men and women to come together to restore the balance of the masculine and feminine God/ Goddess awareness within. You are invited to enter and learn about and share the sacredness of Brigit's Flame of Illumination for all through Brigit's Four Doors of the Celtic Wheel of Initiation.

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Dermot O'Hara

Online Healing & Mindful Mentoring

Dermot O Hara

Dermot O'Hara

Online Healing & Mindful Mentoring



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