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Physical Vascular Therapy

BEMER Medical Device Holistic Physical
Vascular Device For In Home Daily Use

Promotes Complete Blood Flow At The
Microcirculatory Level (Capillaries)

 Increasing Oxygen Utilization, Nutrients
Bio Availability, Elimination Of CO2 &
 Toxins & Increased Energy Production At
The Cellular Level

Helps The Body To Heal Itself & Achieve
 A State Of Vibrant Health, Wellness &
 Balance; A State Of Homeostasis

Better Toxin Removal
Better Nutrient Uptake
Better Physical Fitness
Reduced Levels of Stress
Increased Cardiac Function
30% Increase in Blood Flow
31% Stronger Venous Return
Supports the Immune System
29% Higher Oxygen Saturation
27%  More Accelerated Vasomotion
29% Better Blood Distribution In Capillary Network
Sleep Programme For More Relaxed & Better Sleep

Class 11a EU Accredited Medical Device. FDA Registered
Free Chargeable Battery on All Orders To 31st January

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