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Wild Witch Remedies are handmade Natural Remedies, based on Essential Oil, Crystals and Meadow plants. They work on not only a physical and emotional level but also a spiritual one too, they are Ideal for those who are sensitive to energies and are Empaths.

Since ancient times natural Remedies have been used to restore balance in the body and mind. Our ancestors knew the spiritual connection with the land. Here in Ireland, the Celts and druids worked with the seasons and the moon healing the body naturally. You can purchase my products in the Glass Factory Craft Village, Old Dublin Road, Galway or

I am also a Bio-Energy, Reiki and Access Consciousness Therapist. I started my own journey just over 11 years ago, due to chronic back pain and being on painkillers for 13 years. I eventually went down the holistic route and became pain-free. I am passionate about the work I do as I know firsthand the benefits and how effectively the body can heal itself.

I run workshops in Galway where you will learn how the Chakras work and how the use of Essential Oils and Crystals benefit our moods. You will also get to make your own Chakra oil personal to your needs.

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