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What is shamanism and how do you know you are called? - Paul O’Halloran


This talk will explain how shamanism is a way of life that can be integrated with any beliefs or religions. It is an art of how to do ceremony to connect with the Spirits of the Earth, the Elements and the Universe and how to be led from your heart to heal deeply – first yourself and then others.

It is a beautiful way that connects us to who we are as we are all on the Earth and so the more we connect and respect the Mother Earth the greater ability we have of seeing ourselves and the Spirit of things. The elements, the trees, the water, the stones, the animals and plants all have Spirits. They can teach us if we listen.

During this talk, Grey Elk (Paul O’Halloran) will describe what shamanism is and how you know you are being called or if shamanism may help you. He will also lead you on a shamanic journey and will be open for any questions the end.

Paul O'Halloran

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