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Vinyasa Flow & Release

Vinyasa Flow & Release - Raquel Ramirez de Verger


The class will begin with some deep stretching, moving between variations of sun salutations combined to heat the body up. We will move together along a nice sequence including balancing, backbends, twists, strengthening and energising poses before moving onto a slower seated section. This will include stretches, twists, forward folds and heart opening poses to help to improve the posture of the spine, which decreases pain, improves alignment, flexibility and also helps with relaxation. We will focus on combining movement and breath at a medium pace - all levels welcome. I will encourage you during the class to be present, mindful, grounded, gentle but also challenge yourself and focus on your breath. Energising and relaxing, a good combination for a Sunday morning. Hope to see you there.


Raquel Ramirez de Verger

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