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Veronica O’Reilly

Veronica O’Reilly - Raw Gourmet Chef


Veronica O’Reilly was Head Chef at Healthy Habits Café, Wicklow Ireland’s first Raw Food Café,  from 2007 -2017. Healthy Habits Café won food critic Paulo Tuillo’s award for Best Innovative Menu 2010.

Veronica is the author of the raw cookbook ‘Raw in a Cold Climate’ and ‘Raw in a Cold Climate’ DVD.

She is a chef for over 20 years for the Servants of Love Community and raw chef for 8 years. Veronica trained under Chad Sarno and has worked in various Raw Food Restaurants in the USA including Juliano’s, Raw Soul, Au Lac etc..  She has appeared on Nationwide and various TV and radio shows. She is now writing her next cookery book ‘Raw in a Cold Climate 2’

The Servants of Love is a community of women and men whose lives are dedicated to bringing health, balance, spirituality and love into the world.  We live a monastic, celibate lifestyle and follow the ethos and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, in particular, the teaching on God's infinite goodness and love for mankind.

Founded in Ireland over 45 years ago, we work primarily in arts, health and education to fulfil our mission in a way that appeals to all. Our members comprise health and wellbeing educators, artists, musicians, writers and raw gourmet chefs.

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