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thrive, prosper and enjoy

Thrive, Prosper and Enjoy - Mary MacRory


Practical tips, tools and techniques to enable busy working women to thrive, prosper and enjoy their lives

Areas covered will include how to use the knowledge of our subconscious mind to get the most benefit from reclaiming the power and joy that we all deserve, back into our lives. After 40 years working as an accountant and holding several senior Financial Controller and Finance Director roles whilst rearing young children and being solely responsible for my widowed mother who suffered from Alzheimer's for over 7 years, I know first-hand all of the pressures from family, work, society, religion and life. This is not to gain sympathy - far from it -as much more negative stuff face people everyday and is part of life. However, I can share from my own experience using some useful practical insights to ease and overcome that pain. Women generally tend to put themselves last due to expectations and attitudes of partners, families, work, religion and society in general. As do some men, in fairness.

By stepping out of the corporate world (after decades!) and rediscovering myself - examining my own true values (not other people's expectations), beliefs, goals and appreciating the feeling of contentment once more, I then retrained in many holistic therapies. I finally realised that there is a better, more content way to live my life. Understanding the importance and link of maintaining healthy, high energy levels (practising energy-balancing techniques such as reiki, exploring more about the energy centres in the chakras, how this ties-into to the law of attraction (scientifically based on Einstein's view as I am very pragmatic and have a science degree - so his is not fluffy stuff) and the many other holistic tools available, we can positively channel our internal thoughts for the better. High energy levels that go hand-in-hand with creating good, higher vibrations have knock-on positive effects. This positive and healthy way of thinking then affects our emotions, beliefs, actions, behaviour and ultimately the potential successes that we can all enjoy in life. Several techniques to shift negative thinking, manage overwhelm and effective strategies to manage time and stress are also examined in my second talk on Sunday. There will be a Q&A session and my purpose in all of this is positive and to enable people. It will not be gloom and doom!

Mary MacRory

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