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The Art and Science of Slowing Down

The Art and Science of Slowing Down - Deirdre Haren


In the high pace of the modern world and our lives, sometimes it may seem that there just isn’t the time to hold a space to just be. This Yin yoga class will focus upon the benefits (both scientific and spiritual) of space given to mind and body throughout our practice. Through the long and transformative holds of gravity-giving postures in the practice of yin yoga, this class aims to give students the tools to be able to practice the art of slowing down, finding ease in stillness and becoming more familiar with the observance of mind/body state. This class is suitable for the experienced yogi who is curious about how to develop or merge asana and meditation practices a little more fluidly. However, the basics of the practice of yin yoga will also be covered so that class is also more than accessible to any beginning yogi, and all are welcome!

Deirdre Haren

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