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Tengu Ireland

Tengu Ireland


Holistic Fitness Studio

In Tengu Ireland, we are changing the concept of fitness.

We created an amazing community of people who care about the way they feel physically and mentally.

Discover the pain-free journey to reach your goals and an amazing facility with unconventional tools.

Element Cycle System is made with one intention, to take care of your body in a holistic way.

In a world of noise, we reconnect you to your body, other people and your spirit.

We are Movement!

Our studio was opened one year ago by head-coach and entrepreneur Damian Jaskiewicz.

Combining functional fitness, stretching and mobility training we provide all-around health program that can benefit anyone that wants to have pain free and functional body.

The system itself is wholesome and addresses individual peoples issues, also adaptable to any ability levels.

“You don’t ever need to get ready if you can always be ready”

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