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Swami Jyothirmayah

Swami Jyothirmayah


Swami Jyothirmayah is one of the senior disciples of the world- renowned founder of The Art of Living and global humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and a highly regarded expert on yoga and meditation.

Serving as International Director for The Art of Living Foundation, a UN accredited global NGO, he travels across the globe in his efforts to build a stress-free, violence-free society and to spread Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s message of love, peace and universal brotherhood.

Travelling across more than 40 countries in Europe, the far, middle and south-east Asian countries, Swami Jyothirmayah reaches out to all with the ancient Indian wisdom on skills of handling one’s body, breath and mind. With a deep-rooted sense of devotion, great love and compassion to those around him and a strong commitment to the noble cause of serving mankind, Swami Jyothirmayah shares and serves Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision of bringing an unwavering smile on every face in this planet.

Today, Swami Jyothirmayah is the official representative of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Europe and very often represents the founder of The Art of Living at many international events such as at the Crans Montana Forum in Brussels (2015), at the International Day of Yoga at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (2015) at the conference “Cultural Pluralism and Peaceful Coexistense” with the Greek Prime Minister in Athens, at the Baku Forum (2017), at “Improving the Interfaith and Inter- Civilizational Dialogue to Cooperation Conference” (Berlin, 2018) and many more.

Additional information about Swamiji

Swami Jyothirmayah not only is a popular speaker and teacher on the subject, but has himself conducted programs for rebels in conflict areas, for prison inmates and also at universities and embassies and can report first-hand on his experiences and the individual and societal impact of these techniques.

Wherever Swami Jyothirmayah conducts his popular yoga, breathing and meditation classes he attracts large crowds such as (partial listing):

2014: 1000 people join a Yoga class with Swami Jyothirmayah in Sofia, Bulgaria
2015: 1000 people join a course with Swami Jyothirmayah in Madrid, Spain
2015: 300 people join his Yoga class in Cran Canaria, Spain
2015: 500 people join his Yoga session for the Int. Yoga Day at Brandenburg Gate Berlin,
Germany 2016: 1000 people join his yoga session at Kungstradgarden Stockholm, Sweden
2016: 150 people join The Art of Living Happiness Program with him in Eindhoven,
Netherlands 2017: 210 people join The Art of Living Happiness Program with him in Kazan, Russia
2017: 100 people join The Art of Living Happiness Program with him in Munich, Germany
2018: 500 people join „Berlin mediates“ with Swami Jyothirmayah in Berlin, Germany
2019: 1000 people join his talk on healthy living in the Netherlands

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