Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|22nd, 23rd & 24th May 2020


Stones Speak - Mary Breach


An artist shares her recent creative epiphany and sheds light on our connection with Mother Nature and the web of life.

The work with stone began 5 years ago during an art residency in the beautiful mountains of Catalonia. I brought along a book of Sufi love poetry by Hafiz and wrote these words on my work space - “They call on you to sing, stones are longing for what you know!”. Thus opened an incredible door which never closes, into the aliveness of natural forms and the inter-connectedness of all life. Last summer, this experience reached a new high as work began for an exhibition with Amnesty in France.

Nature has always been honoured and respected by our indigenous peoples and reflected in their many ceremonies. There is wisdom here for all of us! We are never alone and what we are a part of is amazing.

The approach is light-hearted and fun, celebrating the power of ritual and the arts to open a pathway to our larger selves.

It is for everyone who is interested in finding ways to tap into the ever-present beauty and wonder of life.

Mary Breach

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