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Stephen Travers - Anxiety & Stress Control Havening Techniques® Expert.


Stephen Travers is one of Ireland's leading Hypnotherapists & is a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner & Trainer.

He personally presents and works alongside other leaders in his fields of Hypnotherapy, Havening and Personal Development, such as Doctor Ronald & Steven Ruden & Paul McKenna in sharing Havening to the world.

He writes an award-winning blog where he gives valuable information, insights and advice to help people overcome anxiety, stress, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, depression & to improve their confidence to lead a more fulfilling life.

Stephen has appeared on the Elaine TV3 Show, in the Sunday World Newspaper and other mainstream online media magazines about the scientific psychological approaches he uses to quickly and effectively change people’s lives.

As well as doing interviews Stephen regularly presents Havening Introduction talks to audiences that include live demos that often amaze and astonish people because of the rapid and remarkable results that are produced.

As a result of his specialized knowledge, skills and experience Stephen can help teach you to free yourself & others from the past, to enjoy living more in the present, & to create a more inspiring, fulfilling future.

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