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Srimanju Katragadda


Srimanju Katragadda, is a Hay House Author, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Healer & Teacher. Co-Creator of Kids Angel Cards. She had been the speaker at the Mind-body soul events for past 6 yrs. She recently moved to Seattle and taking her work online. Technology makes us all connected.

Life is Magic; it’s all about discovering it and experiencing this beautiful journey of life. She works with clients and raises their awareness in connecting to their own inner guidance. She teaches Mindfulness to children at schools and at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Geodis. Her first book “Connect to your inner guide- Seven sutras to mindful awakening” is a top best seller in Asia. She worked as a Project manager in a multinational company.

She teaches

Akashic Records Reading
 Kundalini Reiki
Workshops on Angels
 Online and in person Meditation Programs

You can contact her at info@experiencehealing or +353868502689 (Whatsapp)/ +1 424 697 0988

For more information visit

All her online sessions/ classes are recorded on request.


This is what some of her clients mentioned about Akashic Records Reading

“I had never heard of the Akashic Library or Records until I met Srimanju. I took a leap of faith recently and decided to go for a reading, but didn’t really know what to expect. The experience was incredible. So many of my life-long questions were answered, and I came away understanding more about my purpose and journey in this life.”
Sinéad Brady

Srimanju is an incredibly powerful healer with the beautiful natural gift of connecting to the angelic realms. Through this beautiful gift, she can open up the secrets of our past and our future to balance and heal any karmic experiences that could be keeping us in a karmic loop. Like, repeat on a CD. For me, she helped me bring peace to an incredibly difficult situation.

With her guidance, I knew what action to take that lead to a different result which in turn helped me to close the door to a nightmare on repeat. I highly recommend Srimanju, I’m surrounded in life with a lot of very special healers who help a lot of people and in my eyes, she would be up there with the best. I feel incredibly grateful that I was guided to Srimanju. Thank You 🙏 L.G

I saw Srimanju when I felt like I was at a crossroad, and after my reading with her, I gained all the clarity and encouragement I needed to get on with my purpose! I highly recommend her, and not only for her amazing soul and spirit but for her ability to heal and guide. X Caitlyn Allpass May

“ I love having my Akashic records read. I have had them read twice now by Srimanju and each time has been exhilarating as they are full of surprises and help you to recognise who you really are along with why you came here to Earth. I find Srimanju to be a very honest and authentic reader. She is there to support you fully and delivers the messages from your Spirit Guides with great love. I would recommend that everyone has this done at least once in their lives.”
Sinead Frayne 

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