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Sound Meditation and Relaxation (1)

Roisin Graham

Sound baths are very beneficial for reducing stress & anxiety and help improved sleep, focus and concentration.

The theme for today Sound Bath Meditation is RELAX RELEASE AND BELIEVE

In today’s Sound Bath Meditation I invite you to relax and listen and the sounds will help you to release old beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from reaching your full potential ……  And that will lead you into surrendering and trusting the guidance that you are been given to help you to step into your life path.

During the Sound Bath, I will use two Sound Essences.

1. Secrets of the Universe
(Releasing Old Beliefs and Patterns)

The suggested affirmations for this Sound Essence:

“I let go of all that I no longer need”
“I love who I am”
“It’s safe to express my true potential”

2. Believe

The suggested affirmations for this Sound Essence

“I listen to my heart”
“I can do anything”
“I believe”

I hope you enjoy the journey of my sound meditation today.  If you would like to purchase these sound essences or to see the full collection of essences please find them Here where you will find a 10% discount code. Thank you for joining me. Namaste Roisin Graham

Now get comfortable and snuggle up for a little relaxation and listen to the soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums etc.

It is advisable to wear headphones or earphones

Roisin Graham

Kinesiologist, Reiki Master & Sound Therapist

Roisin Graham

Roisin Graham

Kinesiologist, Reiki Master & Sound Therapist

Roisin is Happy to Work With You in a Very Holistic Way To Help You to Feel More:

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Free of Fear and Anxiety

Empowered To Move Your Life In The Direction That You Most Want It To Go

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