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John Cantwell & Karen Ward - Slí An Chroí Celtic Shamanism


Join us to hear all about Celtic Shamanism – nature-based spirituality, holistic living and an ever-unfolding wisdom tradition. It is humanity’s oldest and most progressive way for soulful empowerment, rooted in the legacy of our ancestors who lived in close harmony with the seasons and cycles of natural energy. We will be offering complimentary Shamanic Cleanses with an optional €5.00 donation to Barnardos children's charity. You may be interested to learn about our Shamanic Practitioner and Therapist training Courses.

Our latest book ‘Soul Seers – an Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism’ will be launched at the Show on Saturday 18th May.

Moon Mná – our women’s Celtic Circle will have details of the various Online Courses and Gatherings over the year. Plus our latest range of Moon themed jewellery and a sneak peek at the theme of the 2020 editions of the very popular
Moon Mná Diary-Journal.

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Opening Ceremony

Book Launch ‘Soul Seers – an Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism'

Closing Ceremony

Karen Ward

John Cantwell

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