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Sinéad de hÓra

Sinéad de hÓra


Sinéad is a Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist and Founder of Treatment Creations. Sinéad collaborates with numerous five-star Hotel Spas in Ireland, London and Europe as well as working with clients all over the world offering her 1:1 healing as well as hosting retreats and seminars where she teaches all things energy and intuition.

In Sinéad’s practice, she combines Energy Reading, Energy Healing, Alternative Therapies, a variety of Targeted Massage Techniques and CBT to completely tailor your experience and deliver results. Please refrain from disclosing any information about yourself to Sinéad until she has read your energy as she likes for your body to tell her the true cause of an issue or concern so that she can treat the cause and not the symptom. From there, Sinéad will target the root cause of the energy block in order to heal the symptom. Sinéad will design your treatment in accordance with your needs to ignite the best healing solutions for you and your wellbeing and she will share any visions and insight that she receives with you. This experience will help you to instantly relax, realign with your inner self and identify with the peace and stillness of your body and mind.

You can find Sinéad on or on social media @sineaddehora where she shares daily Intuitive insight.

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