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Shopping & Bookings


Online Shops: Some of the shops do not have websites, so you will be directed to their Facebook or Instagram shops.

Booking Appointments: To book an appointment, just message or call the person you would like to see, using the links on each exhibitors page. We do not accept payments, you pay the therapist or psychic/medium directly at the time of booking.

How to pay securely with Paypal: Many of our readers & shops use Paypal. This is a good safe secure way to pay online for products and services. So how does it work? It's very simple, very quick and most importantly safe, no card details are exchanged.

1) You will be emailed a Paypal invoice with a secured card payment link by the Reader/Therapist/Shop.
2) You use your debit or credit card as normal via secured Paypal link, only Paypal will see your card details.
3) Paypal will inform the Reader/Therapist/Shop your invoice has been paid instantly.


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