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Ringana So Fresh


It all started with a toothpaste that the son received at the kinder garden. The parents and founders of Ringana checked all ingredients carefully and decided to create their own products. Today the company revolutionizes the cosmetic and health industry.

We are independent freshness Partners of Ringana, an Austrian company that produces since more than 20 years very successfully fresh skin care products and supplements in a sustainable way.

The 4 pillars of their success:

100% Fresh – all products are produced for you fresh and won’t be older than 14 days when they are shipped to you.
100% Active Ingredients – products are filled with active natural ingredients only. No preservatives, fillers, flavouring agents etc. are being used.
100% Consistency – sustainability on all levels. For example, the glass bottles are wrapped in organic cotton towels. This towels can then be used at home. The glass bottles are also part of a recycling campaign. When returning ten glass bottles you receive one product of your choice free of charge.
100% Ethics – respect for our fellow humans, animals, plants and ourselves. The products are vegan and cruelty free.

Ringana has won many international awards one of them is the European Business Award 2017

Be a part of the green vision. 

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