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Reclaiming a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Reclaiming a Healthy Menstrual Cycle - Lisa de Jong


Menstruality/Period Coach, Lisa de Jong will share her knowledge and wisdom of how to live in sync with the menstrual cycle for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Understanding exactly what our hormones are doing at each phase of the cycle, how to support the body through both diet, lifestyle and energy management is an important key on the path to fulfilled wellness for menstruating people.

Lisa will share her own story of recovery from debilitating pain as a result of endometriosis, she will share practical tips for those suffering and offer a new look at how to live more in sync with the cycle for a more balanced, fulfilled and creative life.

The menstrual cycle no longer needs to be a burden in our lives. Rather, it can be a container to support every aspect of our being.

Lisa de Jong

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