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Raising the Energy in your Home

Raising the Energy in your Home - Bríd Keeley


A forty-minute workshop discussing practical ways to raise the energy in our own home. Identifying the different types of energies that can negatively affect the vibration.

Looking at the effects of the different types of blockages/energy.

  1. Blocked emotional energy:
    An explanation of what blocked energy is, where it can be found, possessions/ belongings that can store energy.
  2. Trapped souls (ghosts)
    A brief explanation of the journey of the soul.
  3. Geopathic
    A brief discussion on how certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground water can disturb the earth's vibration in that immediate area.

Practical easy steps on energy clearing your own living space.

  1. Identifying what areas need particular attention
  2. How to clear
  3. Sealing/blessing the space
  4. Gratitude

Having discussed the above aspects, the participants will then be led on a meditation to remotely clear the energy in their own property while using their newly learnt skills.

Bríd Keeley

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