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Rachel Nolan


Rachel was first introduced to the practice of yoga during a time of great personal distress. Discovering the healing that comes from the practice of asanas she developed a hunger for more knowledge on the therapeutic elements of yoga and the wisdom to be found in its ancient philosophy. Meditating under the guidance of Sahaj Marg; a form of Raja yoga for almost a decade, Rachel was thrilled to be awarded a place in their Heartfulness School of Yoga In Chennai India.

Having studied various theologies and philosophies in both an academic and contemplative setting, her knowledge of this area lends itself well to finding correlations between the East and the West, aiming to make the teachings of yoga easily accessible and digestible to all. With less emphasis on the aesthetics of an asana and staying closely connected to the heart space, Rachel’s style of Heartfulness yoga delves into the connection between the stillness of the body as an aid to quietening the mind, thereby naturally leading it into a meditative state.

Rachel completed a Yoga Mala in Samadhi Dublin Studio, trained under the guidance of Dr Veronique Nicolai in the Heartfulness Yoga Institute and is currently participating in online training with Lisa Danylchuk in the Centre for Yoga and Trauma Recovery. Inspired by the works of spiritual teachers such as Kamlesh Patel, Tara Brach, Sharon Salzberg, Raimon Panikkar, Karen Armstrong and her own guru Babuji Maharaj, She seeks to bring elements of their philosophies to her unique style of yoga and nurturing the belief that everybody is a yoga body.

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