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Pinkal Prajapat

Pinkal Prajapat


Pinkal Prajapati from India is an IT professional; a Certified Yoga Teacher and Practitioner with the Art of Living Foundation; the largest NGO in the world with a presence in over 156 countries.

Pinkal has been involved with this humanitarian organisation, organizing various events and activities for over 15 years. She qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2019 and has been tirelessly involved in various initiatives. Since the time, she has relocated to Ireland, Pinkal is keen to introduce the Art of Living programmes in various institutions and is particularly passionate about getting everyone, young and old, involved in learning some timeless yoga relaxation techniques. The aim of the Founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, has been for the past 40 years to create a “stress free world and violence free society”.

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