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Welcome to Phoenix Delite The Online Chocolate Shop. Phoenix Delite chocolates are Luxury Handmade Belgian Chocolates and Truffles made from the finest Belgian ingredients and we also cater for diabetics.

Pascale Van Riet is the founder of Phoenix Delite and is originally from Belgium. Pascale moved to Ireland in January 2000.

After finding myself made redundant in 2010, I decided to start my own company. “My mum is a diabetic and I was looking to send her some diabetic chocolate for her birthday, I was very surprised to find that I could not source high quality diabetic chocolate in Ireland. This got me thinking and from there Phoenix Delite was born”.

I started sourcing high quality chocolates from Belgium and added my own special touch with beautiful packaging. I specialize in luxury handmade Belgian Chocolates and truffles.

I also have sugar free luxury handmade Belgian chocolates suitable for diabetics and anyone who wants guilt free pleasure. These are sugar free chocolates and also contain 1/3 less fat. These sugar free chocolates can be used when on a sugar free diet.

Since December 2010, I have been selling my beautiful chocolates and truffles at Farmleigh Food Market in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

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