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Pathway teaching

Pathway Teaching


Pathway teaching is made up of Paul O’Halloran, his wife Melanie O’Halloran-Gomes and our
dear friend Sarah Cohen.

Paul O’Halloran trained in shamanism with various teachers over the years including Zanemvula
(Peter Von Maltitz) in South Africa who bestowed the name Igqirha on him. Igqirha means
shamanic “healer” in Xhosa and this name comes originally from the San people. It is a person
full of life energy. Paul is sometimes called Shaman for simplicity although strictly speaking the
lineage of shamans comes from Siberia.

Following the Sacred Sundance ceremony with the Cree First Nation people in 2017 Paul was
blessed with the name “Grey Elk” at the Sacred Tree of Life.

Paul has many years of experience of healing land and houses and people. This work has had
shamanism at the very core of it and as such Paul now teaches shamanic studies at introductory,
practitioners and advanced levels. He also works to heal land, houses and people and has
healed over 5,000 properties in Ireland his work largely being spread by word of mouth.

Paul has been on Cork FM, Dundalk local radio, i105-107 FM and Clare FM as well as being
interviewed on television (RTE 1, NTL city channel, ROI).

The nature of our work has always to help people to heal and empower themselves so they can
walk their true soul walk with joy.

Please see the website for more information!
May you have a blessed and joyful day!
Melanie, Paul and Sarah

Paul O’Halloran

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