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Why will experiencing a Past Life change your life? - Triona Sheeran


About This Workshop

Join Triona Sheeran – Ireland’s leading expert Past life Regressionist and a “Dolores Cannon” QHHT Practitioner – in this unique workshop, where you will be guided Using relaxing hypnosis technique into experiencing a group past life experience. The workshop will begin with a short introduction on past lives, hypnosis, and how to deepen your trance states for relaxation and why past lives could be affecting your current happiness and preventing you from finding fulfilment.

Why Past Lives are affecting your current happiness and success?

Many people carry over unwanted patterns from past lives such as addictions, body trauma, physical ailments and fears. The phrase “I’ve always had it ever since I can remember” is always a strong indicator that a pattern has been carried over. “I just can’t seem to attract the right relationship”, or “I just feel lost and have no direction in life”! Accessing a past life can help you understand and shift these unwanted patterns or conditions by getting to the source, the very core, of the problem.

How to prepare

You can come as you are or alternatively bring a mat and a blanket to enjoy this 40 minutes guided experience.

Triona Sheeran

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