Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November


Optimising your Health with Powerful Foods and Yoga - The Green Queens


The Green Queens are three lifelong friends with a passion for plant based living, optimising health through nutrition, lifestyle and yoga.

The Green Queens run Wellness Workshops in Dublin, combining plant based nutritional science and yoga for those who want a health reboot or are interested in plant based living.

'Let food be thy medicine' - Drawing on our personal experience of the life changing health benefits of a plant based lifestyle, we want to share the simple changes you can implement straight away which have the most powerful, positive impact on your health. We strive for progress, not perfection!

Deirdre Finn, PhD in Pharmacognosy (plant based medicines) and Sharon Quinn, plant based coach will venture behind the scenes of nutrition, discussing how to nourish our bodies at a cellular level with the optimum fuel for healthy living, including the power of juicing and plant-based food. We believe in counting nutrition, not calories!

If you have the intention to improve your health, address a health challenge, feel more vitalised or want to know more about the consequences of the foods we eat then this seminar is for you.

Annmarie Burke, Yoga instructor will finish the seminar with Pranayama - Breath Control (One of the 8 limbs of Yoga). This practice of Nadi Shodhan Pranayama or Alternate Nostril Breathing technique has so many benefits! It is a great way to calm the nervous system and relieve tension and anxiety. It aids concentration and is a fantastic headache cure. A fabulous way to end the day!

Deirdre Finn

Sharon Quinn

Annmarie Burke

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