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Office Kneads

Office Kneads


Enrich your workplace, reduce stress and boost staff morale with Galway’s therapeutic chair massage service delivered at your office by fully qualified and insured massage therapists.

Whether you run a small business or work with a national corporation, a company’s greatest asset is always its people. The pressure of deadlines, quotas and physical stresses of delivering your product or service means that your employees do a lot of hard work to keep your business running.

Let us help you reward and retain them with our in-office chair massage services.

Chair massages are fully clothed and oil-free. They are relaxing, energising and guaranteed to reduce tension and stress, boost the mood of your employees, improve the office atmosphere and increase team productivity. Choose from sessions ranging from 10 to 25 minutes in duration. Each session begins with a brief consultation to identify client needs and ends with targeted self-care advice and remedial exercise suggestions.

If you care about the growth and development of your employees and what they can do for your business, make in-office chair massage a regular part of your organisation’s employee benefits program today.

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