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Numerology – Discover your higher self & shape your destiny by the power of numbers - Ute Klingler


The science of numbers is going back a couple of thousand years when the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, was already teaching his students that all numbers are energetic vibrations and that everything around us including ourselves is oscillation. We are energy beings of 99% energy and only 1% matter, just as our personal numbers are pure energy. In this sense, our connected energetic vibrating numbers are describing us specifically.

By calculating your personal numbers, which I get from your date of birth and your name these numbers reveal your personality, your destiny, what your soul needs to feel fulfilled, how others see you, what is getting more and more important the older you get, and which vibration you are sending out by using your current name.

Additionally, in a Numerology reading, I will calculate your main challenges in life, your high Peak years, what the present year is all about and your karmic lessons you may have to learn. But this is only the general calculation. As a life coach it is important to me to help you to solve difficulties in your life.

I am glad to guide you to find a way to a much happier and rewarding life. Therefore Numerology is one of the tools I use to help you to understand yourself much better and to achieve a particular goal you may have, often combining the different tools I use in a reading.

Once these general calculations are done you can ask more specific questions like: About a new career, a relationship, move house, city, country. What year or month is perfect to get married, the perfect name for my business. There are endless possible questions.

Naturally, the only one you can change is yourself. Once you discovered your own weak points you can start working on them. I am happy to help you with that. In my lecture, you will learn the basics of Numerology, how it is done and what you can gain from using this method.

I look forward to welcoming you to my talk.

Ute Klingler

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