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Empower yourself with hypnotherapy!
Sunday, 1st November 2020, 12:00 Noon

Hello to all of you beautiful people, I am so delighted to have this opportunity to meet you and for some to meet you again, and explain how hypnotherapy and mind coaching are powerful tools to help you empower yourself.

Personal empowerment means taking control of your life. It is about more than just feeling able to do so, though this is an important element.

True personal empowerment requires you to set meaningful goals to identify what you want from life, and then take action to achieve those goals and have more impact over the world around you.

People who are not empowered tend to lack control over what they do. They allow others to make decisions for them—whether spouse, partner, children, friends, managers or colleagues. They often lack confidence in themselves and their decisions and therefore rely on others. However, these patterns of behaviour can be changed and broken by increasing self-awareness and then self-confidence.

And this is where hypnotherapy and mind coaching comes into play!

We will end the talk with a short hypnosis session to help you increase your resilience. I really look forward to talking to you! In the meantime, take care, stay safe and talk very soon!

Warm regards, Nadija.

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Nadija Bajrami

Strategic Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

Nadija Bajrami
Nadija Bajrami

Strategic Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

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Nadija Bajrami

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