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Nadija Bajrami

Strategic Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach


French by birth and having travelled the world, I have now been living in Dublin since October 2017 and I absolutely fell in love with that beautiful country and its amazing people. Being Ireland pushed me to find my true calling.

I have an international trade, business management and corporate background and even though I have been enjoying that path for years, I have always known that I wanted to do something to help people take full control of their life, achieve their goals, go above and beyond and just be the best version of themselves.

Why Specifically Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching?

Between 2014 and 2015, I did go through some serious health issues and realized that my body giving up on me could also probably have something to with my mindset. I wanted a quick “mind fixer” as I used to call hypnotherapists at the time. And I found a lady in the town I was living at the time. I went to my first appointment doubting the outcome.

This was the first step to my new life. Not only that lady helped me get back on tracks and follow the right path in my personal life, but she has also truly inspired me to find my true calling, hypnotherapy and mind coaching.

She has made me realize and understand that our life is ruled at 95% by our subconscious mind and that rewiring our subconscious mind helps us heal our body and take the necessary steps to reach our true potential.

So don't wait any longer, contact me and take the first step towards your empowerment!

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What My Clients Say About Me

For years since I have been a child, I have always struggled with my self-confidence. Even though I have a strong and independent personality, loving life and challenging myself in many ways, I couldn't really set me free from the feelings that I couldn't be loved, that I was not interesting enough or not good and smart enough. Then I met Nadija and started therapy and I can't explain how it happened but month after month all my fears disappeared little by little making such a big difference in my professional and personal life. I became cheekier, more creative, trusting my intuition and with the capacity of understanding who I am what I want and what I am worth. After months now, I can really feel like I finally accept my whole self and I am proud of who I am. I'm not scared anymore. Nadija is very talented and powerful and I am very grateful I have met her. Laura (Dublin).

Nadija is a very professional, confident and caring Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach and she also has the added and very unique and healing quality as a very gifted medium. Nadija blends all her wisdom together to make you feel that you are in very capable hands to help you achieve your goals. She is passionate about helping others and this shows in her caring approach. I highly recommend Nadija as a therapist who will help you achieve your goals with compassion. Mairead (Naas).

Nadija is talented, and her talent comes from a gift. She can help you in a way you cannot imagine before you try it. She also has strong skills and she always tries to improve herself. And she does it. So I recommend her. She’s the kind of person you never forget because, in a way or another, Nadija gives you the opportunity to push yourself and go find your mission in life. Aurélie (Dublin - France).