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Lucy Devine

My Invisible World

Lucy Devine


I have written and published my book “My Invisible World.”

The book is about healing, meditation, spirit, emotion, and above all understanding who I am as a human being. My journey into my humanity defined and revealed my mind and by extension my family dynamic of thinking and existing; it also revealed my existence as a Light being. What is Light I asked in meditation? The answers to my questions came in fleeting inspirations as I lifted my mind perspective and opened myself up to my internal awareness. It is through Light awareness that I interpreted my answers to all of my questions that accumulated together to make up my book My Invisible World.

I didn’t think I was capable of writing a book until my mind conceived the idea that perhaps I would one day write after a dream I had in January 2004. In this dream, a spirit entity visited me, and he placed a large book on my bed. It was not similar to any books I was familiar with; it had the initial appearance of an old long ledger. When I reached to open it in my dream state, the pages felt like cloth, and they seemed stuck together in a damp, musty, dusty way, and it was difficult to see its contents. In my dream, I asked the spirit why he was giving me this book. The spirit said it was a book called the Annals of Healing and that it was a gift to me.

In my dream, I remember just staring at the book, not fully understanding or articulating what I had the spirit say. The presence of spirit faded away, but I woke up in the full awareness of my dream that remained in my mind for some weeks. However, my life’s events and responsibilities took over my thoughts and feelings, and naturally, the memory of the visitation faded. It took me another two years to begin to create the space in my heart that I needed to engage to start the interpretation of my dream book.

This book is the first of a three-part series of books I have interpreted from the Annals of Healing. It is my intention to expand my awareness and my clarity of Light into the physical reality of my heart chakra, as I continue to reveal the Light Aspect of me.

I am proof of the changes that Light and the processes of spiritual healing can bring to a person’s life. I share this journey, this unfolding of my healing, with you.

I have called my book My Invisible World, as I feel it is the invisible part of me that I was unaware existed within me which brought forth such tremendous enlightenment for me. I hope you read it and that you will feel inspired and uplifted to begin your journey of discovery for you to enjoy.‚Äč