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Moving Skirts

Introduction to Improvised Dancing With Gypsy Skirts - Moving Skirts 



Introduction to Improvised Dancing With Gypsy Skirts.

Moving Skirts are a free community dance class based in Fasseroe, Bray Co. Wicklow. Facebook: movingskirts

Our movements come from Arabic / Balkan/Spanish & Indian traditions.

We dance improvised and choreographed sets.  We dance with 25yd wide skirts, with large fans, with veils with canes & swords. We are all ages, & all cultures.

Our music is likewise a blend of cultures

For the Dublin Mind Body Experience we invite you to join us for an introduction to improvised dance with the large Gypsy skirt. (skirts are provided). In this class, you will learn a series of steps which will allow you to dance a complete skirt dance.

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