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Dr Karen Ward – Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles


Does your Celtic soul yearn to explore the sacred mysteries of women in tune with the cycles of the Moon – a majestic symbol of the Divine Feminine? Inspired by the Irish Celtic and pre-Celtic traditions that celebrate the rhythms of life, Karen, Bernie and Orla have lovingly created a way for you to connect with this international tribe of feisty women via our prestigious Online Course, annual Diary-Journal and Moon Tote Bags. Come to our Stand to hear all about the Moon Mná Rites of Passage offered at monthly Circles around Ireland and abroad, based on Celtic Shamanism – nature spirituality, holistic living and an ever-unfolding wisdom tradition. Find out about our Self Ceremony monthly offerings - a delight and a joy to create. You may be interested to learn how to become a Moon Mná Facilitator gifting the Maiden, Mother and Crone Rites to your own Circle of local women

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Karen Ward

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