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Monika Koczka


My name is Monika Koczka I’m from Hungary, I have been living in Ireland for 7 years. I have a teaching degree, but I used to work in Hungary as a financial counsellor. I had everything that I needed, one day I realized that I wasn't completely happy, felt something was missing from my life.

So I started my spiritual journey 9 years ago when I met my teacher Andras Kovacs-Magyar. He showed me a different way of thinking how to be conscious and mindful and also I’ve learned his healing system with several massage techniques as a lymphatic massage and reflexology. And also how to operate with the soul and spirit as well. I started to work in his Energy Healing Clinic in Budapest. Two years later I decided to come to Ireland to show Irish people this healing method and to show how to be healthier and happier. So in the last few years, I have been working all across in the country, through Holistic Fairs, and Mind Body Spirit festivals I have treated many hundreds of people. I love my journey in my new home in the Emerald Island. 

I will be Introducing the worldwide famous Matrix Drops Computer - Your inner world mirror. Measuring more than 8 million information aspects about you. You are able to read the conclusion about your physical and emotional side of you on the screen. Such as vitamins deficiency, allergies. Detects heavy metal uploads, viruses, fungus, germs in the body, also false beliefs. This Computer is the only one in Ireland.

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