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Meditation for Stress Reduction - Sonja Roche


Life often gets stressful, and stress is known for it's serious, negative impact on our health. Many of us get stressed, anxious and/or overwhelmed. We often feel like everything is too much. That's why we must meditate.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to help manage and reduce overwhelm by stress.

Numerous studies have shown that meditation contributes to the reprogramming on the brain function, to the extent that meditators end up with more capacity to manage stress (when meditation is a consistent, daily practice).

By tapping into our inner peace daily, we train the mind to be more open and less reactive. We become better at coping with life’s stressors related to our career, family, relationship, college, finances, etc.

During "Meditation for Stress Reduction" we will talk about the nature of the mind, how to trigger the Relaxation Response, relieve mental tension and build a habit that can lead us to a stress-free life. Additionally, we'll learn the basics of meditation and take a few moments to simply pause and rest the mind through a short guided meditation.‚Äč

Sonja Roche

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