Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November


Matrix Drops Protocol - Preventing and Solving the Seemingly Incurable Diseases - Istvan Hrepka 


Some people suffer from the side-effects of geopathic stress, same from malnutrition, artificial foodstuff or excessive consumption of pleasure agents, multiplied emotional stress, from an unnatural environment, electrosmog etc… Our healing system the Matrix Drops Protocol contains the necessary changes customized for individuals!

Everything that happens during our life leaves an imprint in our soul. The positive life events create harmonious patterns in us, the negative events, such as traumas, illnesses, fears, stress, etc. leave distorted patterns or imprints in our soul. Thanks to the unique research in quantum physics, the Matrix Drops Computer is able to recognize these patterns of information.

 Please let me lead the journey into our soul to discover the reasons for chronic illnesses caused by the follows:

• Mental problems
• Self-destructive tendencies
• Inhibitions of thought
• Emotional blockade
• Relationship problems
• Long-term mental stress
• Bacteria, viruses, fungi
• Disorders of amino acids, hormones, vitamins
• Geopathic stress
• Nutritional problems
• Electromagnetic overload
• Heavy metal accumulation

EARLY ACCESS TO THE VENUE: As this class starts at 10 am, those wishing to participate should please arrive outside the venue from 9.30 am onwards and make yourself known to a member of staff and you will be allowed early access to the event.

Istvan Hrepka 

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