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Mary MacRory


I am Mary MacRory, a Life Coach and Business Coach. I provide effective coaching and use holistic therapies so that you can clearly plan and attain your goals in your career, within your business or in your personal life.

I like to use humour, empathy, compassion and inspiration, backed up by my professional experience and education, to get you where you want to be. This way the whole process is easier and more fun as well as dealing with releasing emotional blocks that may be holding you back personally or professionally. There is no need to struggle and you have nothing to lose except your current dissatisfaction.

I recently wrote a book called Women, Work and Wellness which combines practical tips and techniques based on my own experience combined with coaching, mentoring knowledge and experience to enable women to find more success and joy in their personal and professional lives.

 I am also a joint Honours BSC graduate and senior level accountant for over 38 years with a wealth of business and management experience behind me. I changed direction and qualified as a coach in 3 modalities (Life Coaching, NLP and QTT) and more recently Reiki Master. I combine my years of experience to help clients, particularly women, to shift negative beliefs and thinking by releasing them from being “stuck”.

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Mary MacRory's wonderful book will help you to identify your goals, get properly motivated and show you how to take action and achieve your big dreams!
Victoria Mary Clarke, Media Coach, Art of Living Radio and Author

Mary MacRory is clearly a woman wanting to help other women flourish in life. She covers many topics offering a broad spectrum of self-help tools, different perspectives and ideas to choose from. This is a book that both informs and enables.
Dr. Lynda Shaw, Neuroscientist, Business Psychologist, Speaker, Author

As someone who swears by the morning journal, I believe ‘Women. Work and Wellness’ is a must read to help you understand various techniques which you can then incorporate into your life. I particularly like the exercises that are included throughout the book.
Patricia Gibney, International Best-selling Author

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