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Mary Gallagher

Mary Gallagher


Mary Gallagher is a Divine Plan Healer and Teacher. Her life-long interest in energy healing led her down many pathways, some of the tough challenges where she had to understand the lessons the universe had sent.

She trained in other therapies such as Integrated Energy Therapy, Oisin Bio-Energy. Each one was a stepping stone of self-development and learning how to work with energy and with the needs of clients.

She followed The Emerald Heart Light teachings for a number of years realising it was a powerful, evolutionary healing light. She was immediately drawn to the Divine Plan Healing System when it came in as it merges the Emerald Heart Healing Light with the love and nurturing of Mary Magdalene's light. She ‘knew' it was her next stage of spiritual development finally clearing blocks that stopped her potential. All of this happened in a subtle way but a change was obvious.

Learning to become a teacher of Divine Plan Healing was a logical next step as she knows the enormous benefits not just to clients but to the healer on their own spiritual path.

As a new healing system, she is presenting this to people in a way that can be easily understood as working with healing spiritual light is a different experience. Divine Plan Healing asks the client to take control of their own healing. She is delighted to be able to offer this healing system to people in Ireland both as a Divine Plan Healer and Divine Plan Teacher.

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